3PL Core Services

We are a 360-degree operational Service provider
in the 21st Century.

3PL Core Services

Our services are wrapped around your business need
in order to for your business to grow worried-free.

———About Newsom Logistics

Digital & Trusted Transport Logistic Company

We are a 360 degree operational Service provider into the 21st Century. Our services are wrapped around your business need in order to for your business to grow worry free.  We provide such services from Global Logistics, Warehousing, Distributions, 3PL,  Fulfillment, Pick and Pack, Ship, Inventory Management, Trade Consultation and eCommerce Solutions for Small and medium business.

Global Service

We thrive Internationally, and we will guide you navigate the complex cross ocean trade, Customs clearance and tracking your commodities down to the wire

Local Service

We deliver a cut above service, and we back up our mission with a guaranteed quality of service

———Our Services

What We Can Do For You


Whatever you may ship, wherever the destination maybe, we can pick and deliver your goods to your destination.


No long term commitment needed for your excess inventory while you either fulfill them or distribute them. Only pay for what you use.


We Integrate with the Industry leaders of eCommerce Technology solutions to help you grow your business smart, fast, efficient and growth minded forward thinking.


Give your product and brand a step ahead of the competition We have the best tools possible for building a successful eCommerce operations.


Our Motto is Productive

Contract Logistics

We provide Logistical Contacting with Government Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Charitable Organizations, Reverse Logistics from abroad and Industry related service providers to facilitate seamlessly to vital services they provide.


Source Optimization

When time and resources are critical, we take the difficult mission to simplify and let your organization focus what is important and the bottom line figures. We will let you focus to grow your business. Let’s help you achieve your goals while we take “Literally” a load off of you


Consulting Services

Our consulting services include but not limited to: International Trade, Import & Export, Customs Clearance, Inventory Management, Scaling your business, Intercontinental Logistics and many more.


———Our Core Values

Skills And Expertise

Our commitment to your business goals and interests are incompatible to none. We put you first, Center and on top of everything in order your company to achieve its goals. Our skills span across multiple industries from Consulting, Retail, Logistics, Order Fulfillment and Distribution.

Client’s Orders Fulfilled

We Serve a vast array of industries. All services are fulfilled/completed successfully.

Satisfied Clients

Our satisfaction is guaranteed, and we are proud to display our success with our numbers.

Team Members

Our experienced Team members across the globe will assist you on you quest to excel and go beyond the scopes of you Geo-Econ-Locations to expand to your horizon.

Industries We Cater to


Household Goods


Baby Product


Day to Day Use of Consumer Goods


Pharmaceuticals, Supplement & Vitamins


Health Care and Beauty Product


Small Packaged Furniture


Online Store Operators


Pet Products


Medical Equipment


Auto Parts


eCommerce Fulfillment

———Why Choose Us

We are a 3PL Service Provider. 

3PL Order Fulfilment Service

  • eCommerce Fulfillment
  • Pick, Pack and Ship
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Int’l Trade Consultation
  • Logistics
  • Reverse Logistics
  • LCL Ocean Freight Handling
  • Small Package Air Cargo

Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing and distribution is vital to all industry. We provide a secure and environmentally friendly warehousing and distribution service. We are located in a prime, highly accessible location, close proximity to the major freeways and of course within walking distance to Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Shipping Worldwide

Our global Logistical services includes: Shipping LCL, Consolidated goods, Commercial and Home goods, Automobile, Small Package Express Shipping, NGO’s Contracting, Governmental Logistics and we also ship with International Carriers such as: DHL, UPS and FedEx.

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    What People and Clients
    Think About Us?


    Our company started to grow revenue and reduce overhead expenses when we started doing business with Newsom Logistics Solution. We are now care free on some of the critical task on our company. We are not big, but they are helping us get there

    Abraham Gole

    As a small business owner, we have a world of load on our shoulders and when we out source our core services to a Logistics service provider such as Newsom Logistics, you will always have a doubt who is taking care of your valuable inventory. But sure enough I guess all Logistics companies are created differently. I can’t thank enough the folks at Newsom and I am forever committed to them! Thank you

    Elaine Freidman

    When many other Logistics and Warehousing companies gave up on us, here comes Newsom Logistics and they immediately pinpointed to us what needed to be done and were are onboard with them right away. They saved the day and we are ever grateful to them

    Luther Hudson

    At first, I was bit skeptical when I found NewSom Logistics and the service they provide. When I met with them to discuss my business plans, they awe me and impressed me with a quality of care and service. They were more worried about my company than I did. Since then I am all-in and so happy I found them. I am now fully on board and committed to NewSom Logistics” My product is well guarded and Fulfilled by them at ease. Thank you Matt and Bashir